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In my past years of going to school there have been a few prescriptive rules that the teachers taught the class. For example, I remember my 5th grade teacher would say never to start a with the words ”and or ”but, because a lot of students had a habit of writing this way in their essays, so she explained to us how when using grammar correctly we shouldn’t do that because it wasn’t the right way to speak English. Also, my teacher taught us although the words ‘I and ‘Me meant the same person, ‘I is supposed to be used when the person is the main subject of the sentence and me is used when the person is the object of the sentence. To explain this if you wanted to tell you were going to the store you wouldn’t say ‘Me going to the store but instead you would say’ ‘I am going to the store. Growing up this is how teachers explained to us how we were supposed to correctly use these prescriptive rules in language.

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