33 thoughts on “Discussion 1”

  1. I hope to learn in the fundamental concepts of language as it has always fascinated me seeing all the different languages and the different dialect’s for these languages. I hope to learn about the history of the major languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

  2. In this class I would like to figure out how the language we speak today came to be. I’d like to learn how words were added and created through time and how each word meant to mean something different and unique from another word. How was language spread? Things of this nature.

  3. I hope to learn a bit more about the history of language and perhaps more about linguistic anthropology. I hope to learn more about the forgotten languages. I do also want to learn about folklore and if language has some sort of connection to it. Furthermore, on how languages are formed and continue to change.

  4. I took this class because I’m interested in learning how we (humans) evolved from what I assume were hand gestures and grunts into a structured language. I’m not sure if it will answer all my questions but it will get my foot in the door to find some answers such as why/how the American colonists lost their British accent, why Spanish in Spain is different than Spanish in Latin America, and why/how a phrase like, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” has progressed into, “Hey shut up, and listen to me!” (Ok, maybe not an exact interpretation lol.)

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